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Hutchison, Julee

Julee Hutchison - Summer WarmthJulee Hutchison - Well RehearsedJulee Hutchison - On the VerandaJulee Hutchison - Tranquil Morning - SketchJulee Hutchison - Afternoon Glow - SketchJulee Hutchison - Festivities BeginJulee Hutchison - The WaitJulee Hutchison - Patisserie
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Summer Warmth
Julee Hutchison - Summer Warmth

30" x 30" oil

Well Rehearsed
Julee Hutchison - Well Rehearsed

SOLD 12" x 8" oil

On the Veranda
Julee Hutchison - On the Veranda

SOLD 40" x 30" oil

Tranquil Morning - Sketch
Julee Hutchison - Tranquil Morning - Sketch

SOLD 12" x 12" oil

Afternoon Glow - Sketch
Julee Hutchison - Afternoon Glow - Sketch

8" x 8" oil

Festivities Begin
Julee Hutchison - Festivities Begin

12" x 12" oil

The Wait
Julee Hutchison - The Wait

11" x 14" oil

Julee Hutchison - Patisserie

11 1/2" x 7" oil









Inspired by animals and nature, Julee and her husband, Steve, moved to the Telluride area in 2004. Prior to their decision to make the mountains their home, Julee and Steve lived in the Phoenix area where Julee worked in graphic design and began to take workshops at the renowned Scottsdale Artists' School. With guidance from amazing instructors, Julee was inspired to pursue her painting career.

Julee and Steve built their Telluride home from a refurbished barn dating back to the turn of the century. Here they are surrounded by amazing scenery and wildlife. Julee paints many portraits of animals in an attempt to capture their loving spirits. A vegetarian for nearly 30 years and an animal rights advocate, Julee's love of animals (particularly their amazing St. Bernard, Sterling) was initially inspired from re-habilitating Gambel's quail, desert tortoises and other wildlife in Arizona. Witnessing the devotion of these animals to their mates and their babies changed Julee's perspective on the souls of animals. Now, in a mountain paradise alive with elk, deer and even cows that graze during the summer months on their mesa, Julee's passion for animals continues as does her love for the incredible landscape in which they all live.

In addition to animals and landscapes, Julee also enjoys painting still lifes and the human figure. Painting from life is an important facet of her work, and as artistically inspiring as plein air painting.