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Aukon, Larisa

Larisa Aukon - Tucked InLarisa Aukon - Townies IILarisa Aukon - PlaygroundLarisa Aukon - Coyote TrailLarisa Aukon - Spirits of the CanyonLarisa Aukon - High AltitudeLarisa Aukon - BeginningLarisa Aukon - Tales of WinterLarisa Aukon - Good MorningLarisa Aukon - City GoldLarisa Aukon - ArizonansLarisa Aukon - Come TogetherLarisa Aukon - Back EastLarisa Aukon - From the TopLarisa Aukon - Season of LightLarisa Aukon - Courtyard  TunesLarisa Aukon - FriendsLarisa Aukon - Bedtime StoryLarisa Aukon - Summer PromisesLarisa Aukon - CathedralLarisa Aukon - Grazing PintosLarisa Aukon - Since Ancient TimesLarisa Aukon - A Place of BountyLarisa Aukon - Twilight RitualsLarisa Aukon - Full Moon Larisa Aukon - Arizona WaysLarisa Aukon - Sacred ChamberLarisa Aukon - TowniesLarisa Aukon - Green StreetLarisa Aukon - ConnectedLarisa Aukon - WatchmanLarisa Aukon - PoetLarisa Aukon - Big City LightsLarisa Aukon - TranquilityLarisa Aukon - CamelbackLarisa Aukon - MoonriseLarisa Aukon - Camelback DayLarisa Aukon - Quiet MomentLarisa Aukon - BearLarisa Aukon - Midnight SonnetLarisa Aukon - Paso CamaraderieLarisa Aukon - In WonderlandLarisa Aukon - Summit AvenueLarisa Aukon - AutumnLarisa Aukon - DivaLarisa Aukon - Desert AltarpieceLarisa Aukon - Canyon EncounterLarisa Aukon - There is Always a RoadLarisa Aukon - Your Day BeginsLarisa Aukon - A View from the Past
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Tucked In
Larisa Aukon - Tucked In

24" x 24" oil

Townies II
Larisa Aukon - Townies II

24" x 24" oil

Larisa Aukon - Playground

32" x 32" oil

Coyote Trail
Larisa Aukon - Coyote Trail

54" x 44" oil

Spirits of the Canyon
Larisa Aukon - Spirits of the Canyon

57" x 28" oil

High Altitude
Larisa Aukon - High Altitude

12" x 16" oil

Larisa Aukon - Beginning

36" x 48" oil

Tales of Winter
Larisa Aukon - Tales of Winter

SOLD  30" x 48" oil

Good Morning
Larisa Aukon - Good Morning

SOLD 28" x 57" oil

City Gold
Larisa Aukon - City Gold

30" x 40" oil

Larisa Aukon - Arizonans

30" x 40" oil

Come Together
Larisa Aukon - Come Together

18" x 24" oil

Back East
Larisa Aukon - Back East

18" x 24" oil

From the Top
Larisa Aukon - From the Top

12" x 12" oil

Season of Light
Larisa Aukon - Season of Light

18" x 24" oil

Courtyard Tunes
Larisa Aukon - Courtyard  Tunes

31 1/4" x 28 1/2" oil

Larisa Aukon - Friends

SOLD 8" x 8" oil

Bedtime Story
Larisa Aukon - Bedtime Story

40" x 40" oil

Summer Promises
Larisa Aukon - Summer Promises

30" x 30" oil

Larisa Aukon - Cathedral

12" x 16" oil

Grazing Pintos
Larisa Aukon - Grazing Pintos

16" x 29" oil

Since Ancient Times
Larisa Aukon - Since Ancient Times

57" x 40" oil

A Place of Bounty
Larisa Aukon - A Place of Bounty

28" x 25" oil

Twilight Rituals
Larisa Aukon - Twilight Rituals

48" x 48" SOLD 

Full Moon
Larisa Aukon - Full Moon

SOLD 12" x 12" oil

Arizona Ways
Larisa Aukon - Arizona Ways

SOLD  40" x 58"  oil

Sacred Chamber
Larisa Aukon - Sacred Chamber

48" x 48" oil

Larisa Aukon - Townies

SOLD 30" x 30" oil

Green Street
Larisa Aukon - Green Street

24" x 30" oil

Larisa Aukon - Connected

20" x 30" oil

Larisa Aukon - Watchman

SOLD  16" x 12" oil

Poet's Place
Larisa Aukon - Poet

SOLD  40" x 30"  oil

Big City Lights
Larisa Aukon - Big City Lights

12" x 12" oil

Larisa Aukon - Tranquility

18" x 24" oil

Larisa Aukon - Camelback

10" x 12"   oil

Larisa Aukon - Moonrise

SOLD 24" x 30" oil

Camelback Day
Larisa Aukon - Camelback Day

12" x 12"  oil

Quiet Moment
Larisa Aukon - Quiet Moment

12" x 10" oil

Bear's Canyon
Larisa Aukon - Bear

SOLD 24" x 30"   oil





Midnight Sonnet
Larisa Aukon - Midnight Sonnet

30" x 24"  oil

Paso Camaraderie
Larisa Aukon - Paso Camaraderie

SOLD  11" x 14"  oil

In Wonderland
Larisa Aukon - In Wonderland

SOLD  40 x 42    oil    

Summit Avenue
Larisa Aukon - Summit Avenue

SOLD 18" x 24" oil

Autumn's Grace
Larisa Aukon - Autumn

SOLD  36" x 48"   oil




Diva's Dress
Larisa Aukon - Diva

SOLD 30" x 30"   oil





Desert Altarpiece
Larisa Aukon - Desert Altarpiece

SOLD  30" x 36" oil

Canyon Encounter
Larisa Aukon - Canyon Encounter

SOLD 24" x 30"   oil

There is Always a Road
Larisa Aukon - There is Always a Road


Your Day Begins
Larisa Aukon - Your Day Begins


A View from the Past
Larisa Aukon - A View from the Past

30" x 30" oil



I truly believe there is an inner "pulse" that runs through everything, mostly unseen but more often felt. I can think of no greater artistic inspiration than identifying this current and holding it in my heart long enough to translate it to canvas. I search for that perfect moment where everything falls into place inspirationally and technically. From that point on, I paint voraciously as if time is running out on me.

Over the last few years, following her first solo exhibition in the US in 2010, Larisa Aukon has quickly established herself as an accomplished painter and teacher in the United States. While countless artists paint with color, Larisa’s extensive education and natural talents allow her to create masterfully mixed and layered palettes supported by a framework of strong compositions. She fills her canvases with bold strokes of rich pigment that capture the ever-changing hues of natural light. The original tones seep through later paint additions, creating depth and brilliance that have become hallmarks of her work.

From a very young age, Larisa received intensive art training in her native Latvia. She was accepted to the prestigious Janis Rosenthal’s Secondary Art School in Riga. It is a very well-known school for gifted children. One had to pass a series of extensive academic and art exams in order to be accepted. Along with only 9 other students selected for this exclusive program, Larisa, in addition to a full academic course load, had up to 20 art-related lessons per week from the time she was 12 until she turned 18. After high school, she was accepted into the Latvian State Academy of Fine Arts in Riga from which she graduated with a master’s degree.
Today, Larisa calls Arizona her home where she spends her time painting and teaching.

Her works are in many private and corporate collections throughout the U.S., Canada, England, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Latvia and Russia.

Recent Exhibitions

2015 February - Gallery Russia, Scottsdale, AZ, solo show
2014 February - Paul Scott Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ, solo show
2013 February - Paul Scott Gallery, Scottsdale,AZ ( show catalog is available)
2012 March -  Paul Scott Gallery, Scottsdale AZ
2011, September, Solo Summer Exhibition, Hayden Hays Gallery, Colorado Spring, CO
2011, February, Solo Winter Exhibition, Paul Scott Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
2010, July, ArtSantaFe, Santa Fe, NM
2010, March, Solo Winter Exhibition, Paul Scott Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ

Selected Publications

American Art Collector Magazine, February 2015, Solo show preview
Contemporary Art of the Southwest, by Ashley Rooney.
American Art Collector Magazine, December 2013, Group Show Preview-Paul Scott Gallery
Southwest Art Magazine, December 2013, Meet the Finalists
Southwest Art Magazine, March 2013, Solo Show Preview
American Art Collector Magazine, February 2013, Solo Show Preview
Southwest Art Magazine, March 2012, Featured artist
American Art Collector Magazine, March 2012, Solo Show Preview
Cowboys and Indians Magazine, March, 2011
American Art Collector, March, 2011
Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine, March, 2010
American Art Collector, March, 2010
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